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Rock, Sand, Wall Blocks
Free Trailer use with Rock purchase!

Our rock products range from the most standard crushed driveway gravel to massive boulders. We have local rock to maintain a natural northwest appeal or rock from the east coast and as far away as China. We have Patio Stone, Wall Rock, River Rock and Montana Rainbow Rock. We increase our varieties and are always on the lookout for new products. Whatever your project, we have the rock.

Fill Sand
Screened Sand
Driveway Gravel ¾" Minus
Drain Rock 1 " - 1 1/2" Round
Pea Gravel
¼" Minus Gravel
3" Minus
Red Cinder Rock
¾" - ¼" Clean Crushed
¾" Round Rock
2" - 4" Balast Rock
¼" - 10 Rock
Road Pak
Asphalt Grindings
Montana Round Rainbow
Crushed Bright White
Natural Wall Rock
Retainer Wall Block
Basalt Wall Rock
Round Drain Rock
1½" - 2" River Rock
3"-8" Decorative Round Rock
1" - 3" Decorative Rock
1" - 3" Decorative Rock