• Boring Bark
    Boring Location
    30265 SE HWY 212
    Boring, Oregon
    (503) 668-3219
  • Store Hours
    Open 7 Days a Week
    (Boring Location)



    Portland Location
    1082 SE MAIN ST
    Portland, Or
  • Store Hours
    Closed for the Winter Season (Portland Location)
    We will reopen April 1st
    Deliveries still available year-round
Bark, Mud Control, Bedding
Free Trailer use with Bark purchase!

We offer a wide variety of bark products for u-haul or delivery, from cedar chips used in kennels and play structures to airport bark that is used in high wind areas to sliverless hemlock products good for kids and animals. We have hazelnut (filbert) shells that are a unique option for pathways and flowerbeds. We provide a great option for every need.

Medium Fresh Fir
Medium Dark Fir
Fresh Hemlock (Less-Slivers)
Fine Dark Fir
Small Pebble
Certified Cedar Chips
Shredded Cedar Hog Fuel
Hazelnut/Filbert Shells
Fir Shavings
Fir Sawdust
Medium Pebble
Dark Hemlock (Less-Slivers)
Composted Bark Mulch